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Adopting/Rescuing a dog a great way to bring a dog into your family and to save an animal at the same time.  Unfortunately there are many dogs without homes who have not had a fair chance to live with a loving family.  


There are a lot of Non-profit organizations and animal shelters nation wide that attempt to find homes for dogs but often a home cannot be found.  At the same time there are a lot of people looking to add a dog to their family.  


I rescued my dog Khaleesi this past October 2012.  Shes approx 3 year old Shih-tzu.  I really wanted a companion for my dog Eli, a 2.5 year old Yorkie.  I cant say that it was easy or that everything was perfect bringing her into my home.  In fact it was challenging because she had some emotional issues.  She had previously lived with an animal horder who had over 25 dogs and she didnt receive the care & attention she needed.  As well bringing her into my home was not easy because Eli was initially jealous of having to share my attention with another dog.  Looking back, even though the first couple months were not easy but I am so glad I did.  Once Eli warmed up to Khaleesi they became best friends.  Sometimes he gives her more attention than me :).  Its nice though because it gives me a break.  They play with eachother and I can focus on getting work done.  I'm also very happy because once Khaleesi saw that she could trust me and that I could give her the attention that she needed, she relaxed and is actually less emotional than Eli!!  Oh and of course it cost me about $1000 less to bring her into my family than it did Eli.  I feel like I got a great deal.  AND Khaleesi loves wearing clothing from my Fetch Dog Fashions clothing line.  Shes very skinny from years of being malnourished and wearing clothes helps her keep warm.  She even sleeps in clothes and she has a better wardwrobe than I do!


In my own experience, talking with other people and researching these are the top reasons to Rescue/Adopt over purchasing a dog:


  • Save $... like I said I saved approx $1000
  • Save a life.  As a dog lover (and I assume someone bringing a new dog into their family is also a dog lover) it saddens me to know that not all dogs in shelters find a home.
  • Emotional benefits:  research shows that people with dogs live longer than people who do not due to the emotional benefits of having a dog.  Dogs are loyal, love their owners unconditionally and are always happy to see their owners when they come home.  No matter what kind of day I have my dogs are always soooo happy to see me when I come home... its definitely a great feeling
  • You can still easily find the breed of dog you want.  Ill elaborate more in a minute
  • You can often find dogs that are already trained.  Need I say more??? Thats a HUGE benefit.  Training a dog is a lot of work and takes time
  • You are not supporting a puppy mill.  For those of you not familiar with puppy mills I plan to write a separate blog on this topic but basically its like "dog manufacturing" where dogs are not treated well.  Many dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills.
  • Many shelters give a trial period this way you can bring the dog into your family with the comfort of knowing if its not a fit they will help find another home for the dog 


So now that I have convinced you to Rescue/Adopt instead of purchasing let me make it easy.  Check out this website :  www.petfinder.com  This website allows you to put your desired Dog info:  age, breed, gender and location.  Petfinder has a nationwide network of 13,737 groups/shelters and over 312,800 pets.  This way you can get the dog that you want without having to find and visit all of the local shelters in your area.


Have you rescued/adopted a dog?  Visit my blogger page at www.fetchdogfashions.blogspot.com to share your experience or click ADD COMMENT below.  Also share other great benefits of Rescuing/Adoption over buying or elaborate on the points I made.


Stay tuned for more blogs coming soon!







Written by Heidi Cox — April 09, 2013

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